JetThoughts Team

Developers who won’t let you down. We offer a fully managed dedicated tech team consisting of full-stack Ruby on Rails, Vue.js, React, and React Native software engineers.

What we offer

We’ll make your application development predictable:

  • Your software will be built by a small team of 2-6 developers, breaking the work into one-week development cycles (called “sprints”).
  • The progress is visible every day - you will get a report from each developer along with commits and timesheets.
  • At the end of each sprint, you will receive a working piece of software as well as daily releases with new changes.
  • No waiting for big releases. No wondering when your project will be finished.

We guarantee the transparency of your spendings:

  • You’re not committing to lump sums to be paid for a pig in a poke. We operate on a monthly subscription service.
  • We offer a 2-week trial period to see how it goes, no financial risks to hire a team, and test everything.
  • Regardless of the project complexity or size, we allow a ONE-day notice to add new developers, decrease the budget, or stop the contract.
  • No liaisons or supervisors involved in the development; you can communicate with every developer directly and get the answers needed.

Solve your problems


  • Search, vetting, onboarding, and hiring takes a lot of time
  • Disappointment in candidates who are missing deadlines and don’t guaranty any quality
  • It’s not easy to to do due diligence
  • Failure to put great teams to work together effectively
  • Own employees leaving after just one year


  • Senior developers with 5+ years of commercial experience, who were tested on internal projects first
  • Long-term partners who are easy to work with will become part of a team
  • Best practices and proven dev processes make interaction fast and efficient
  • Spend the time to share your vision and review the results, nothing more
  • Full visibility and transparency of the job done
Start trial period
The trial period will take 2 weeks. If everything is okay, after 2 weeks, we request our first payment and continue working. If something goes wrong and you are unsatisfied with us - you pay nothing.