See How JetThoughts Helped Mobile Coach Launch a Game-Changing Product Feature & Scale Their Development Team

To help take their enterprise chatbot platform to the next level, Mobile Coach hired us to support and build new features for a group of internal products related to the core platform and help scale both their R&D & engineering team.

Mobile Coach





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9+ Years & Ongoing

Client Overview

Mobile Coach is a chatbot platform that’s trying to change how enterprises influence employee engagement, learning, customer service, sales performance, and overall behavior change. 

They initially reached out to JetThoughts to help support and build new features for a group of internal products related to the chatbot platform while eventually helping to scale their R&D team. 


Mobile Coach envisioned an enterprise-level authoring platform which would allow larger customers to setup complicated chatbot workflows with multiple channels, multi-language compatibility, and seamless back-office integrations.

In addition to the development initiative, Mobile Coach also desired to scale their team in terms of both development manpower and R&D expertise.


While Mobile Coach had reliable and skilled people internally to help develop this feature, they understood that this enterprise-level feature was a big project.

To build such a large-scale platform, Mobile Coach knew they would need to scale their team and increase the depth of their technical expertise.


JetThoughts provided 4 full-time engineers to act as Mobile Coach’s development team and support their development initiatives.

In addition, we provided a dedicated project advisor to bring real-time visibility into progress and ensure alignment with the leadership team at Mobile Coach.


From the very beginning of the engagement, JetThoughts provided Mobile Coach’s team with deep technical guidance based on decades of experience to help ensure a successful outcome.

We started the project with a kick-off meeting where we set expectations for the engagement, learned about the software, and aligned around a winning strategy.

To provide clarity into process & outcomes, we aligned around a simple development framework that enabled Mobile Coach to monitor budget & maximize the value delivered by our engineers.

Throughout the entirety of the engagement, we kept the team composition flexible to the specific needs and circumstances that Mobile Coach faced.


  • Grew to Support Hundreds of Thousands of Users
  • Scaled Team from 2 to 10 Developers
  • Onboarded Stable Delivery Pipeline for Predictable Releases
“JetThoughts' work is flawless. They’ve never failed to deliver. As on early-stages, we moved fast and made decisions just as fast. Despite that, they’ve always delivered value.”

Vince Han

CEO, Mobile Coach

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