Here's How We Work

We are experienced in transforming any ambitious idea into workable solution qualitatively, professionally and on time. With JetThoughts you do not need to pay for team training, office space and HR. Your expenses include only actual engineering hours. Let us tell you more about our workflow.

Flexible Approach

How We Work

You can hire the whole team of trained developers, designers and managers. In such case, you get a considerable cost reduction and the advantages of all the team working in one office. Our managers control the workflow onsite.

How We Work

If you have a small project, which does not require the services of all our staff members, you may choose to hire one or several experienced developers for your dedicated team on the hourly, weekly or monthly basis.

1Estimation and Planning

A starting point of your project is the initial idea. To begin with, you share your thoughts, notes and stories with us to understand your vision and desired outcome. Then we interview you for your business goals and compile requirements. During the negotiation process we discuss your preliminary budget and timeline. As a result we create User stories and Wireframes for your application.

2Development and Testing

It is our fundamental rule to follow Agile Methodologies for project management and software delivery. Prioritizing is highly important during the development process. That is why we usually plan the set of tasks for the following week (Sprints) in a close cooperation with you. In the end of each Sprint you have an opportunity to review working product.

Our goal is to keep you up with your project 24/7. Constant interaction and communication between you and our manager is realized by means of project management software, live chat, email, voice and video conference calls.

When the code is ready, our testers try to detect and eliminate any possible problems. We make sure that your application is working properly, ensuring an error-free launch.

3Launch and Support

After the smooth product launch had brought your project to life, you are not left alone. We offer ongoing post-production support and maintenance.