Check out our portfolio for featured web & mobile applications and online software projects. Our Ruby on Rails developers implement the best open-source technologies to create high-usability user interfaces, taking into consideration the target audience and business goals of our clients. We can also integrate web services into your application, enabling you to leverage the existing platform.

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Coach Alba


Coach Alba is a new automated coaching service to help users overcome crucial moments. It works via text messaging so it is available anytime, anywhere, to be with the users when they need help the most.

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Greeting Pictures


iPhone and iPad application, that helps to stay in touch with the friends and family using customizable postcards.

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Local Ad List


Local Ad List is the online directory that helps businesses find advertising options reaching their target markets and demographics.

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Communicational platform for MIPT


This project unites a number of educational and scientific platforms for students, alumni and professors of leading universities. These applications enable easy collaboration and provide an opportunity to make a research process more accessible.

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OAuth2.me is an opensource project that simplifies testing of applications which use OAuth providers (Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn and many others).

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VN Portal


VN Portal is a sophisticated and unique cloud computing architecture that was designed to provide the agility for any business needs.